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Current Year ACTIVE Awards

2017 Award Finalists have been selected.  See our Home page for this year's list. 

To see our previous award winners, click the desired year: 2013, 2014,  2015 and 2016 


Instructions for Completing Nomination Form


2018 Award Areas: 

Awards for People with disabilities: Artist, Athlete, Adult Spirit, Youth Spirit and in the supporting area, our Champion award for individuals and businesses which support people with disablities.


People with a disability must live in St. Tammany, Tangipahoa or Washington Parishes. Individuals or businesses nominated for the Champion award must support individuals with disabilities in one of these parishes. Past nominees may be re-nominated for the same or a different award as long as they have not been selected as a finalist in a previous year. Nominee must have agreed to be nominated for an ACTIVE Award. You will need their permission before you can complete the nomination form. 

Steps for completing the 2018 form:

I.  Before you open the online form: 

From the Documents page of this website, download the 2018 nomination worksheet for your desired award area.

Complete the form in a word processing software such as Microsoft Word. Note: you have up to 1500 characters to answer each statement; the software used for the online form does not count characters. Therefore you should use your word processing Word/Character count to confirm you do not go over this amount. When you cut and paste later into the online form, your information will not be accepted if it is over 1500 characters. 

Save the nomination worksheet on your computer until you have entered all information and are satisfied with the content.

II.  Open the online nomination form here; choose your award area, then cut and paste your information from the nomination worksheet to the correct award form. 

III.  If you choose the incorrect award choice on the online nomination form, go to the end of the page and choose “back” to re-enter choice.

IV.  If  the form is not responding correctly, email